Jessica Tang MSc MBPsS

Sport Psych Solutions is made up of Jessica Tang, who holds a Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Through her passion and drive for Psychology and for all types of sports, she aims to educate individuals/groups using well researched mental techniques delivered in her very own unique and carefully crafted interventions.

Sport Psych Solutions was created to fill the void of psychological services being offered to athletes in both sport clinics and sport training events across central Scotland. It was found that there was almost no support out there for an athletes mental preparation. On the other hand, there was a considerable amount of physical support and guidance out there for athletes in the form of additional coaching, physiotherapy, physical recovery amongst others.

It is a well known fact that mental resilience is the key to athletic success. Ask any athlete out there, mental resilience will be at the top of anyone's wish list. And still, this element of preparation is completely missed out from both training and support groups.

This drove the foundations of Sport Psych Solutions and the company was launched in February 2014. The company is committed to an athletes mental development. This comes in two forms of more

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Sean McColl

Sean McColl takes time out from his hectic schedule to speak to Sport Psych Solutions about psychology and his climbing.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

A Pyschological Insight with top climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk.

Women's Climbing Symposium 2014

Sport Psych Solutions Presented at this years Women's climbing Symposium

Andrew Addison, Team Scotland, Commonwealth Games

I found everything good about the sessions. I enjoyed the informal setting, the relaxed atmosphere...

Jessica Tang MBPsS

Jessica Tang MBPsS is a Sport Consultant specialising in Sports Psychology.