We have a number of packages on offer at Sport Psych Solutions. Individuals may seek individual or a combination of packages. For example, if an athlete had an issue with fear and motivation. Please find the following outlined packages on offer as a guideline:

This package is focused on common issues prevalent in the everyday athlete. For example, anxiety, concentration, fear, nerves etc. We all experience these issues but some athletes are better able to handle or 'put a lid' on these issues than others. This package is designed to find the source of this issue(s), face it head on and then to provide you with a unique program tailored to yourself to help you better cope with this issue(s). This will allow for a more resilient athlete and essentially, a better all round athlete.

All athletes experience a lull in their performance at some point or another. It is our ability to bounce back from this lull and get back to our best that determines how mentally resilient we are. Some athletes need guidance or new 'ideas' from an external source (a fresh look at training concepts) to kick us back into training and to attack a training program with vigour and commitment. This package will identify strengths and weaknesses in performance, teach applied mental techniques and introduce new and creative training approaches.

Sports psychology is not just for athletes with reoccurring issues or issues in general. It can also be used to teach athletes new mental skills to integrate into their existing training program. This package is designed for the already mentally resilient athlete looking for that extra edge in performance. It will introduce the basics of several mental skills commonly used amongst athletes today and will explain how these can be effectively and efficiently used to enhance training.

All athletes will get injured sooner or later. The time out or rest recommended is dependent on the injury incurred and the severity of the injury. When we return to training we tend to be more vulnerable and more cautious of our actions. If these behaviours and underlying thought processes are not handled correctly, this could deteriorate our performance even further often resulting in lack of confidence/self-belief which could then lead to dropping out. This package will help 'alter' perceptions of the initial injury to allow for better coping strategies to develop. It will also introduce a number of new concepts.

All the above packages follow the below stages of process.

Sessions (based on a one to one consultation) are available for £30 per hour. Sessions vary in time and packages typically range between 6-12 sessions, details will be discussed and agreed upon on the first free consultation meeting.
Email for more information.