Having had the good fortune to work with several international athletes/coaches, below you can find feedback from just some of our clients, past and present. We appreciate that some individuals like to keep completely anonymous and Sport Psych Solutions respect our clients wishes.

John Kettle MIC
Professional Climbing Coach and Guide

"Thanks Jessica for an excellent insight into a range of sports psychology tools, since yesterday I have already used some of them in my day-to-day coaching! Great to have the theory and research explained along with the practical application of it in rock climbing. Highly recommended for anyone taking their climbing coaching seriously."


Alan Halewood, MIC, IML, APIOL
Professional Mountaineering services.

"I attended a workshop with Jess on mental skills for climbing aimed at coaches working with climbers. Her level of knowledge and experience was excellent and helped me gain a deeper insight into some concepts I was already exploring in my own work. It was particularly useful to learn from a professional sports psychologist working in our specialist area and I'll come back to her again for further coaching."


Pitt Pauly
Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Instructor

"Jessica's *Mental Skills Coaching for Climbing workshop *was a great eye-opener for me! She provided us with a robust set of tools to structure the training plans of clients focusing on the mental skills required in climbing. Her explanations where to the point and easy to relate to as a climber as well as a coach. Throughout the whole session we were engaged, learning a lot from her expertise but she also facilitated a great environment for individual experiences to be shared and great discussions came out of it! I really liked how using the same example scenarios throughout the workshop and by only changing background characteristics of the people involved, every mental aspect and it's coaching response was highlighted! As hands-on as it gets for a workshop! On the more theoretical side, Jessica also included recent research papers and articles which I really liked since it gives you an idea of what is currently being discussed in the field as well as asserting or debunking some myths that always seem to be floating about. All in all, I whole-heartedly recommend anyone interested in the sports psychology and coaching to get in touch with Jessica!!"

Bethan Thomas
Forensic Independent Mental Health Advocate Med Psychology of Education

" I attended Jessica Tang's presentation of Gender and Climbing: A psychological insight. I found the talk was presented in an interesting and interactive way which kept me engaged throughout. I was fascinated by the research that she presented alongside theoretical models to tackle the big questions about traditional stereotyping of gender in high risk sports and helped me question my own judgements and misconceptions. Toward the end she presented us with some questionnaires to find out where our confidence in climbing comes from and to help identify where out weak points might be. This was useful as she also provided examples of psychological interventions we can try out to help us overcome these weaknesses! Overall I would highly recommend a session with Jessica as if she can identify my weak points in 30 minutes in a group of 50 other people, I can't imagine what the benefits of a 1-2-1 session would be. "

Member of Womenclimb - www.womenclimb.co.uk

Alan Cassidy
Head Coach - TCA Glasgow Youth Squad

" Jessica has been a valuable member of the coaching team in the last term of the 2013-14 squad season. Since she has come on board she has been instrumental in the development of:

* Personal training diaries

* More goal orientated training

* Personal support for athletes emotional as well as physical needs

As well as this she has contributed great ideas that will help the squad develop in the year to come and has provided excellent coaching ideas and support. She has offered insight into the coaching process that has refreshed our way of working.
She has formed good working relationships with the young people on the squad. While they have not all necessarily gotten on board with the idea of having a sport psychologist present, she has been sensitive to this and adapted to fit the needs and desires of the individuals. On the whole the squad like her and they find her approachable. Her input has definitely been of some notable benefit to at least one athlete who was struggling with a slow comeback from injury.
I look forward to continuing to work with Jessica after the summer break. "

Andrew Addison,
Commonwealth Trap Shooting, Team Scotland

"I found everything good about the sessions. I enjoyed the informal setting, the relaxed atmosphere and what we discussed. I feel that they [psychologists] are an integral part of sport as at some point in a competitive sporting career it becomes less about physical skill/technique and more about psychology as you have mastered the skill. Although I have only know Jessica for a short time she has given me a wealth of information that is extremely useful to help me excel in my sport and push me to the next level."

Tom Livingstone,
Experienced World Climber

"I thought the sessions were incredibly useful. Jess' specific and experienced advice helped me to progress rapidly. I enjoyed working with such a motivated coach, who could organise a training program with genuine results. Goal setting has made me a more focused and knowledgeable climber."


Youth Climber

"Jessica provided me with strategies to help me focus and overcome my nerves. I look forward to working with her again"