First, Sport Psych Solutions can offer a tailored program specifically for athletes to help them psychologically overcome certain issues or weaknesses identified in performance. This could perhaps be a boost in confidence following an injury or an increase in an athletes level of motivation following a particularly dry spell. And it is not just about tackling psychological issues. Sport Psych Solutions can also teach athletes various mental skill techniques to help them on their way to become an even better all round athlete. This could perhaps be educating an athlete about effective goal setting. Sport Psych Solutions can provide a program that can be incorporated with an existing training program, so that both physical and psychological aspects of performance can be worked on, giving athletes that extra edge when it comes to pushing yourself to be the best.

The second form of support is provided to individual(s) that have a significant and direct influence on an athletes preparation. This could perhaps be a coach or a parent. Sport Psych Solutions can provide educational sessions or support to these individuals. This could benefit in one of two ways. First, the educational material learnt can be fostered into training programs. Or the material can be relayed directly back to teams/athlete. Second, having a deeper understanding behind certain behaviours and actions portrayed by an athlete can enrich the relationship between athlete and coach/parent. This will in turn, causing less frustration, anger and pressure.

The above are some of the services Sport Psych Solutions offer but are not limited to. There are a number of ways sports psychology can be applied. Have a query, please ask.